Java Issue with ADP

With Java updating and giving the message that it needs to be updated, a lot of Users are updating Java and not realizing that ADP requires version 6.32. Then wondering why ADP won't work.

- Attached picture of message inside ADP about Java

You should uninstall all Java applications and reinstall Java 6.32. You can find the installer in X:\APPS\JAVA or X:\APPS\JAVA6 depending on your location.

You may also have to go into Java and add all the ADP URLs into the Security Exception Site List.
  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Go to Java
  3. Click on Security Tab
  4. At the bottom is a Edit Site List Button, click on that
  5. Click the Add button and copy and paste the ADP URLs into the list.
  6. You can also click the Restore Security Prompts Button on the Security and reset all the Java Prompts to Always Allow or Allow and Run settings.
  7. Make sure to go to Update Tab and uncheck Check for Updates Automatically. Click the Do Not Check Button that Comes up
  8. Click Apply at Bottom
  9. Click OK at Bottom

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